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Based on our proprietary QLight® technology platform, Aeon’s photonic device product family delivers best-in-class performance for a broad spectrum of markets. The QLight platform is based on chip-level optimization and integration of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) structures and robust optoelectronic packaging.

QLight supports the design and manufacture of a wide variety of both discrete and integrated III/V photonic components that can be used as amplifiers, broad band ASE sources and SLDs, high extinction gates, nanosecond optical switches, wavelength converters, and photonic regenerators. It offers the flexibility of up to 6 fibers per package, allows the integration of passive and active elements on a single Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), and supports wavelength bands from 1000nm to 1650nm.

Aeon Corporation has a Quality Management System in place that meets the high standards demanded by the ISO9001 standard. This certification is a key foundation of the continual growth, improvement and development of the company, and demonstrates Aeon’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

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